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Jeffrey Zhongxue Mah ( Zhongxue Ma ) , Ph.D.,M.D.*(China), L.Ac.

Dr.Mah is a renowned scholar, practitioner, and prolific writer in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He founded Consotherapy, a clinically proven method for cancer support through TCM. He is the chief editor of “The Grand System of World Traditional Medicine“, a series of 26 books covering TCM foundation, prevention, diagnosis and treatment , and eight of them have been published by China Science Academy Science press, the top authority publisher in China.

He also authored six other books and over 30 journal articles covering cancer, refractory disease, and dietary herbal medicine. As founder of the “New Classic TCM prescription”,he has trained more than 500 students on how to use classical prescriptions easily and extensively. He also created six principles of herbal dietary therapy, which have been adopted by Chinese medical professionals and are widely used by the public.

Dr.Mah is now going through the Vitality University, with his study, clinical experience and his professor team ,to share and train more students to become well-qualified practitioners of Chinese medicine.