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The 7th World Congress of Chinese Medicine Oncology Invitation

    Date:November 16-17,2019(main conference site),18-19(satellite conference site)

Location:Hilton San Francisco Financial District Convention Center(main conference site),

750 Keamy St.San Francisco,CA 94108

Vitality University(satellite conference site)

2497-2499 Industrial PKWY West,Hayward,CA 94545


Dear Madams and Sirs,

Cancer is a difficult problem in the medical profession. Acupuncture and herbal medicine  in Chinese medicine have played an effective role in helping cancer patients to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, promote to recover after surgery and radiotherapy. In the study, some herbs also showed anti-cancer effects. The conference aims to organize Chinese and Western medicine experts from all over the world to exchange clinical and research results and achieve the goal of promoting mutual improvement. This conference is divided into the main venue and the venue. The main venue is at the Hilton financial district San Francisco on November 16-17; the branch venue is 18-19 at Vitality University.

Purpose of the conference  - Goals and Objectives

    1. Exchange clinical experience of TCM tumors and improve each other's curative effect

    2. Understand the progress of traditional Chinese medicine oncology

     3. Learn the latest knowledge of Chinese and Western oncology

The conference invites clinicians from all over the world who are doctors of Chinese and Western medicine, as well as non-oncology specialists who have experience and interest in Chinese medicine oncology. All relevant scholars are also welcome to participate.

If you can take the time to participate, please fill in the registration attached and we will provide you with a formal invitation letter as soon as possible after receiving it.

As an executive chairman of the conference, I hope to establish our contact through this letter, and look forward to meeting you in San Francisco, USA.


Dr. Jeffrey Zhongxue Mah ( Ma Zhongxue) , PhD 

Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 7th World Congress of Chinese Medicine Oncology

President of Vitality University